Have you ever loved your bed so much you named your band after it? Talk about real relationship goals! A freestyle percussions band that got together in April 2011, 4 Paee consists of –surprisingly- 4 artists from Lahore who came together as just another garage band but ended up being the kind of band that performs in a garage where Ferraris are parked. The 4 pillars of this charpaee are named Raja Nabeel Banwa, Ahmer "Kichoo" Mubashar, Talha Jamil and Usman Qureshi and their story began in 2011 when they won the national freestyle drumming competition organized by Redbull called “TumTum Pa”. After conquering Pakistan, they went on with their plan of world domination and competed internationally in Rio De Janiero securing 4th place.

Giving bromance goals to the world, 4 Paee even made the world fall in love with a James Blunt Song. Imagine that. Spoofing “You’re Beautiful” in urdu and Punjabi back in 2013 and calling it The Jamil Blunt Song, 4 Paee had the fans laughing and singing along with them. Their other achievements include a mashup of Somebody That I Used To Know, Dil Mein Tum, Husn Walo & Jadoo Ka Charagh released in 2012 and a cover of Alamgir’s phenomenal song Keh dena reproduced with the help of Tea related paraphernalia which is almost as good as the tea served at Patari Headquarters. May be better. Try them both and tell us.