At the age of 5 when people like you and I learn that picking your nose in public is not a good thing, Abdullah Qureshi learnt that he could actually sing.  Born on August 6th, 1993, the fame of this music prodigy from Islamabad grabbed the headlines in 2013 when released his first single “Tere Liye”. Following it, Walnut Studios produced his compilation of Sufi songs into one medley that went viral online and made the nation whirl into mysticism. Though he started with covers, but his originals struck internet gold, elevating his lyrical credibility.

Since his career struck that G10 chord, he hasn’t looked back. His folio includes sessions with bands like Atrox and Aazraiz and he is currently working on original contents with two more underground bands named Aghosh and Zynk. His single in 2014 titled Pardesi made the nation fall in love with him even more. With all the screaming fans in the back, Abdullah still sees himself as a much grounded person connecting with his fans on every social platform while also keeping up with his studies at NUST.