Having taken a dip in all the major constituents of Pakistan (Education, Government and Music Industry) he is still known as the guy who rallied people up to go to Billo Ka Ghar. Abrar-ul-Haq’s first album named “Abrar” had the national dancing from one corner of the country to the other. Renowned for Bhangra, Abrar-ul-haq also did justice to pop, rock and folk music and holds the award for Best Pop singer to have won 6 consecutive times.

Born on 21 July 1968, this Jattan da Jagga and Punjab da Sitara earned fame in 1995 with his debut album that was sold over 16 million times. His second album “Majajni” followed quickly after in 1997 and earned equal success. The bhangra king in his own right, he became an international star by the time his 4th album was released in 2002 named “Asaan jana mall-o-mall”. His 5th album was called “Nachan main audhay nall nall” which came to surface in 2004 and 2007 was the last year he released an album which was named “naara sadha ishq aey”. A common household name, Abrar-ul-haq has made appearances in Coke Studio and we are eagerly awaiting his 6th album to dance like there is no tomorrow!