Ali Sher began his music career in the early nineties, when the Pop music industry in Pakistan was still in its early experimental stages. Over the decade Ali has professionally streamlined and broadening his music and genre with three albums, musical scores for sitcoms and serials along with diverse collaborations with the likes of Ustad Tanveer Hussain, Ustad Ballu, Mekaal Hassan and most recently with Rafaqat Ali Khan. His first Album, ‘Yadoon Main’ was released in 2001 accompanied with the successful music video ‘Shaam’. This was followed by his second album, ‘Mann Marzi’ released in 2003, which included hit singles like ‘Chan Sajna’, ‘Mein Tay Mann Lae Haar’ and ‘Hijr’. His third and most recent album ‘Beetay Pal’ was released earlier this year and is a blend of live music and electronic beat. Live music on the album is played by Mekaal Hassan, Ustaad Ballu khan, Ustaad Wajid Ali and Rana Hassan.