An inspiration to every solo artist, Ali Suhail claims he spends most of his time working on his solo projects and has been doing so since his teenage years. Born on 8th April, 1988,  his forte is Indie music not only does he write his own songs but also performs for bands like Sikandar ka Mandar, Jumbo Jutt and Natasha Humera Ejaz. With his surroundings as his inspiration, he has released 4 albums. The first one “Words from Boxes” was released on May 21st, 2013. He released his second album “Journal Enteries” on July 29th, 2015. Whereas releasing his 3rd and 4th album “Defragment”  and “Desolve” together, he chose the auspicious day to beMay 26th, 2015.

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