Another engineer turned Bhangra master, Jawad Ahmed was the name appearing on every magazine when he gave the OST for drama series “Mehendi” in the year 2000. Born on 29 September, 1970, Jawad Ahmed is a Lahore based singer who specialized in Bhangra, pop and sufi music and is known for writing most of his own songs.

Jawad Ahmed has released 4 albums called “Bol Tujhay Kya Chahiye” (2000), “Ucchayan Majajan Aali” (2001), “Jind Jan Sohnian” (2003) and “Love, Life, Revolution” (2013) and sung various songs for Armed Forces documentary called “Hum Dum Tayyar”. Besides an engineer and a singer, Jawad Ahmed is also an active volunteer. He is the ambassador for Eradication of Polio in Pakistan and has used his music for drug awareness and necessity of education.

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