He was born on 3 September, 1964, but Junaid Jamshed was brought to light in 1986 when Rohail Hyatt saw him performing for at university campuses and thought “Hmm, here is the vocalist for our newly found band Vital Signs.” Well, he thought something like that.

With JJ as the vocalist, Vital Signs gain popularity underground and now they were in their way to be discovered by names like Shoaib Mansoor. The first album, “Vital Signs 1” was released in 1987 that contained songs like Dil Dil Pakistan making vital signs and especially JJ, the heartthrob of every Pakistani. The second album called “Vital Signs 2” wasn’t as successful as first one but they came back with turbo boost in 1993 and brought 3rd album called “Aitebaar” followed by last album in 1995 called “Hum Tum” and then JJ went solo, just like Zayn Malik. Of course there was less twitter drama back then.

Solo JJ released 2 albums; “Tumhara Aur Mera Naam” in 1994 and “Us Rah Par” in 1999. His third album called “The best of Junaid Jamshed was released in 2000 consisting mostly of remixes of his Vital Signs era songs. “Dil ki Baat” was his last solo album as a pop and rock singer. The year 2000 brought with it some shady news about JJ breaking up with music industry. These reports were officially addressed in 2004 when JJ announced to part ways with music and dedicate his life to Islam and his clothing store. As of 2004, JJ is categorized as a Naat Khuwan and successful fashion designer.

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