Started in 2000 after a jam session. Originally played Alternative Rock and later became Heavy Metal. After Gibran & Nabeel joined up in 2001, the lineup was complete and Messiah quickly earned some recognition in the underground rock scene by opening for some of the more well known rock acts in Pakistan. Soon they were playing in their own concerts and started working on material for their debut album. In 2002, with Aamir on Guitars & Danny on Bass, MessiaH was one of 10 bands out of 200 in the country to appear on the show "Pepsi's Battle of the Bands" where they were the only band singing songs in English and by far the only band playing heavy music, let alone metal. In 2003, MessiaH completed their first and only album "Scriptures of Sorrow". In August 2003, Ahmed & Aamir went to the U.S. for University. Replacing Ahmed on drums was the band's bassist, Fussy and joining up on bass to fill the void was Danny. Messiah continued to play gigs for the next three years and quickly became known as one of Pakistan's top metal acts. In 2006 Messiah went on hiatus after their members dispersed to several parts of the world. Vocalist Gibran Nasir is now the host of Pakistan's only national metal radio show, Black Sunday.

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