Mooroo who goes by the name of Taimoor Salahuddin in unimportant official documents is the unconventional star we see on the musical horizon of Pakistan. Born and raised in Lahore, music was the fairy godmother of the tiny little child facing bullies in his school. Finding relief in the strings of guitar and echoes of piano, his first single came in 2011 called “Pataki larki”. The video – like most of his videos if you check his facebook page- was widely appreciated bringing his in the eyes of other musicians who approached him to make videos for their songs.

He works on and off with his on and off band mates Zahir Ali (bassist) and Valeed Zaman (Drummer) and earns livelihood as the managing director of small production company called “Aflatoon Studios”. He also released more singles such as Tere bina which was dubbed as one of the best video of 2013, making him a golden hen for international production houses. From the tiny little bullied child to a successful musician and comedian, Mooroo is what we want More O’. Getit?

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