Najam Sheraz is a Pakistani pop singer, song writer, music producer, composer and a peace activist. Born on 2nd August, 1969, he is known for his spirited and powerhouse vocals, and for songs that create social awareness.  Najam started out as a professional cricketer but soon music caught his attention and he formed his first band in 1987. It was called “Brother Rhythm” and featured his brothers Bobby and Joji.

His second band was created soon in 1989 under the name “wet metal” but his bollywood career started with a song about wet lips. Getting fame overnight in India with his single “Bheegay Hont Tere”, Najam Sheraz opened door for a new wave of cross country musical collaborations.

His solo career started in 1994 and he started to work on his first album called “Khazana” which was later relapsed in 1996. His second album “Roop Nagar” released in 1999 contained “Mera Ji Nahi Lagda”; the soundtrack for Hollywood release “Split Wide Open”. His third album was called “Jaisay Chaho Jiyo” released in 2002 and his fourth album was called “Yeh Mamla Koi Aur Hai” which was released in 2003 featuring the most famous hamd “Na Tera Khuda Koi Aur Hai”.

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