Rung comprises of Iftikhar Habib (vocals), Sarmad Ghafoor (guitars), Zulfiqar-ul-Hassan (rhythm guitars) and Wasim Kamal (drums). Rung arrived on the local music scene in the year 2003 with their debut single "Hum Na". The video was nothing great – just another band performing – but the song itself was brilliant. Apart from some great guitaring and subtle keyboards that gave this song a romantic feel, "Hum Na" also used tablas and drums in a perfectly blended manner. Each of the two instruments had one beat that was audible throughout the song. And with Ifu's strong vocals as he sang "Meray Ho Tum Ho Na, Mujh Mein Gum Tum Ho Na," Rung indeed arrived on the music scene. Unfortunately their follow–up singles, "Meri Duniya" and "Koi Janay Na" – both missed the magic. They both were fun, peppy numbers but they didn't offer anything original. These sounds could be found everywhere from Backstreet Boys' "Everybody" to Fuel's "Bad Day".

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