In 1988, 4 young boys in a college farewell party were asked to choose a name for their band and they decided on “Strings”. What was the reason? We don’t know-it can be as shallow a reason as it was the first thing they saw, or it can be something really very deep as one of the boys was son of Anwar Maqsood.  Faisal Kapadia, Bilal Maqsood, Rafiq Wazir Ali and Kareem Basheet Bhoy started what could easily be one of the best things happened to music industry.

Their first album called “Strings” was released in 1990 followed by second album called “2” in 1992. It was also the time when Strings released is first musical video “Sar Kiye Yeh Pahar” and became a household name across the country.  But as all good things come to an end, the band broke up and after a hiatus of 8 years, made their comeback in 2000 with third album called “Duur”. With all the luck on their side, they had unknowingly made place in the hearts across the borders as well and coming years brought all the attention of foreign media to Strings and before their fourth album “Dhaani” in 2003, they had toured beyond Pakistan adding concrete to their fan-base all over the world.

“Koi Aanay wala hai” was their fourth album released in 2008 after stints in Bollywood and Bollywood release of Hollywood movie Spiderman 2. With already a huge resume, Strings not only performed in Coke Studio Pakistan but now it has taken over it from Rohail Hayat, treating music as royally as they can.

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